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Journal Articles

43. J. B. Kim, S. H. Koo, I. H. Kim, J. T. Kim, J. G. Kim, B. Jayaraman, Joonwon Lim*, S. O. Kim*
      Characteristic dual-domain composite structure of reduced graphene oxide and its application to higher specific capacitance          Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 446, 137390.

42. H. H. Yang, Joonwon Lim*, K.C. Park*
       Field emission property of multi-cathode electron sources with vertically aligned CNT arrays
       Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 2021, 60(10), 105002.

41. Joonwon Lim*, K. -H. Kim, C. S. Cojocaru
       Highly Uniform, Straightforward, Controllable Fabrication of Copper Nano-Objects via Artificial Nucleation-Assisted

      Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2021, 115594.

40. H. R. Lee, D. W. Kim, A. Rodiansyah, B. Cho, J
oonwon Lim*, K. C. Park*
      Investigation of the Effect of Structural Properties of a Vertically Standing CNT Cold Cathode on Electron Beam Brightness
      and Resolution of Secondary Electron Images

      Nanomaterials 2021, 11(8), 1918.

. J. A. Lee, W. J. Lee, Joonwon Lim*, S. O.. Kim
      N-Dopant-Mediated Growth of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Carbon Nanotubes
      Nanomaterials 2021, 11(8), 1882.

38. S. H. Kang, G. Y. Lee, Joonwon Lim*, S. O. Kim
      CNT/rGO Hydrogel Integrated Fabric Composite Synthesized via Interfacial Gelation Process for Wearable Supercapacitor Electrodes 
      ACS Omega 2021, 6(30), 19578-19585.

37. T. Yun, G. S. Lee, J. Choi, H. Kim, G. G. Yang, H. J. Lee, J. G. Kim, H. M. Lee, C. M. Koo, Joonwon Lim*, S. O. Kim*

      Multi-dimensional Ti3C2Tx MXene Architectures via Interfacial Electrochemical Self-Assembly
       ACS Nano 2021, 15(6), 10058-10066.
36. I. H. Kim, Joonwon Lim*, S. O. Kim*
      Discovery Single Atom Catalyst: Customized Heteroelement Dopants on Graphene
       Accounts of Materials Research 2021, 2(6), 394-406.

35. D. O. Shin†*, Joonwon Lim, M. J. Lee, J. Y. Kim, J. Oh, S. H. Kang, K. M. Kim, Y. -G. Lee
       Restacked nanohybrid graphene layers with expanded interlayer distance enabled by inorganic spacer for highly efficient,
       flexible Na-ion battery anodes
       Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2021, 886, 115137
34.  Joonwon Lim, J. -W. Jung, N. -Y. Kim, G. Y. Lee, H. J. Lee, Y. Lee, D. S. Choi, K. R. Yoon, Y. -H. Kim*, I. -D. Kim*, S. O. Kim*
       N2-dopant of graphene with electrochemically switchable bifunctional ORR/OER catalysis for Zn-air battery
       Energy Storage Materials 2020, 32, 517-524

33.  H. J. Lee, Joonwon Lim, S-. Y. Cho, H. Kim, C. Lee, G. Y. Lee, S. P. Sasikala, T. Yun, D. S. Choi, M. S. Jeong, H-.T. Jung, S. Hong,
        S. O. Kim
        Intact Crystalline Semiconducting Graphene Nanoribbons from Unzipping Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes
        ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019, 11, 38006-38015

32.  G. Y. Lee, M. Y. Yang, D. H. Kim, Joonwon Lim, J. Byun, D. S. Choi, H. J. Lee, Y. S. Nam, I. D. Kim, S. O. Kim
        Nitrogen-Dopant-Induced Organic Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Crystal Growth on Carbon Nanotubes
        Advanced Functional Materials 2019, 1902489

31.  S. H. Koo, D. J. Li, T. Yun, D. S. Choi, K. E. Lee, G. Y. Lee, Y. Oh, Joonwon Lim, S. Padmajan Sasikala, H. J. Lee, I. H. Kim, H. J. Jung,
        R. Jain, S. O. Kim
        Cobalt Based Nanoparticles Embedded Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel for Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst
        Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 2019, 1900090

30.  Joonwon Lim, G. Y. Lee, H. J. Lee, S. K. Cha, D. S. Choi, S. H. Koo, W. J. Lee, S. O. Kim
       Open porous graphene nanoribbon hydrogel via additive-free interfacial self-assembly: Fast mass transport electrodes
       for high-performance biosensing and energy storage
       Energy Storage Materials 2019, 16, 251-258

29.  D. S. Choi†, C. Kim†, Joonwon Lim, S. H. Cho, G. Y. Lee, H. J. Lee, J. W. Choi, H. Kim*, I. D. Kim*, S. O. Kim*
       Ultrastable Graphene-Encapsulated 3 nm Nanoparticles by In Situ Chemical Vapor Deposition
       Advanced Materials 2018, 30, 1805023

28.  S. P. Sasikala†, Joonwon Lim†, I. H. Kim, H. J. Jung, T. Yun, T. H. Han*, S. O. Kim*
       Graphene oxide liquid crystals: a frontier 2D soft material for graphene-based functional materials
       Chemical Society Reviews 2018, 47, 6013-6045

27.  Joonwon Lim, D. S. Choi, G. Y. Lee, H. J. Lee, S. P. Sasikala, K. E. Lee, S. H. Kang, S. O. Kim
       Omnidirectional Deformable Energy Textile for Human Joint Movement Compatible Energy Storage
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017, 9, 41363-41370

26.  S. Wu, Y. Li, S. Xie, C. Ma, Joonwon Lim, J. Zhao, D. S. Kim, M. Yang, D. K. Yoon, M. Lee, S. O. Kim*, Z. Huang*
       Supramolecular Nanotubules as a Catalytic Regulator for Palladium Cations: Applications in Selective Catalysis
       Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2017, 56, 11511-11514

25.  S. Kim, D. Jang, Joonwon Lim, J. Oh, S. O. Kim, S. Park
       Cobalt-Based Active Species Molecularly Immobilized on Carbon Nanotubes for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
       ChemSusChem 2017, 10, 3473-3481

24.  S. P. Sasikala, K. E. Lee, Joonwon Lim, H. J. Lee, S. H. Koo, I. H. Kim, H. J. Jung, S. O. Kim
       Interface-Confined High Crystalline Growth of Semiconducting Polymers at Graphene Fibers for High-Performance Wearable             Supercapacitors
       ACS Nano 2017, 11, 9424-9434

23.  H. M. Jin†, D. Y. Park†, S. J. Jeong, G. Y. Lee, J. Y. Kim, J. H. Mun, S. K. Cha, Joonwon Lim, J. S. Kim, K. H. Kim, K. J. Lee*, S. O. Kim*
       Flash Light Millisecond Self-Assembly of High chi Block Copolymers for Wafer-Scale Sub-10 nm Nanopatterning
       Advanced Materials 2017, 29, 1700595

22.  H. M. Jin†, D. Y. Park†, S. J. Jeong, G. Y. Lee, J. Y. Kim, J. H. Mun, S. K. Cha, Joonwon Lim, J. S. Kim, K. H. Kim, K. J. Lee*, S. O. Kim*
       Perylene tetracarboxylate surfactant assisted liquid phase exfoliation of graphite into graphene nanosheets
       with facile re-dispersibility in aqueous/organic polar solvents
       Carbon 2017, 119, 555-568

21.  Y. J. Jang, Joonwon Lim, S. O. Kim, D. H. Kim
       Carbon nanotube-grafted inverse opal nanostructures
       Optical Materials Express 2017, 7, 2242-2247

20.  W. J. Lee, Joonwon Lim, S. O. Kim
       Nitrogen Dopants in Carbon Nanomaterials: Defects or a New Opportunity?
       Small Methods 2017, 1, 1600014

19.  G. Y. Lee†, I. Kim†, Joonwon Lim, M. Y. Yang, D. S. Choi, Y. Gu, Y. Oh, S. H. Kang, Y. S. Nam*, S. O. Kim*
       Spontaneous linker-free binding of polyoxometalates on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for efficient water oxidation
       Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2017, 5, 1941-1947

18.  J. Y. Kim, H. Kim, B. H. Kim, T. Chang, Joonwon Lim, H. M. Jin, J. H. Mun, Y. J. Choi, K. Chung, J. Shin, S. Fan, S. O. Kim
       Highly tunable refractive index visible-light metasurface from block copolymer self-assembly
       Nature Communications 2017, 5, 1941-1947

17.  D. Ghosh, Joonwon Lim, R. Narayan, S. O. Kim
       High Energy Density All Solid State Asymmetric Pseudocapacitors Based on Free Standing Reduced Graphene Oxide-
       Co3O4 Composite Aerogel Electrodes
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, 22253-22260

16.  S. J. Kim, D. W. Kim, Joonwon Lim, S.-Y. Cho, S. O. Kim, H.-T. Jung
       Large-Area Buckled MoS2 Films on the Graphene Substrate
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, 13512-13519

15.  J. Y. Kim, Joonwon Lim, H. M. Jin, B. H. Kim, S. J. Jeong, D. S. Choi, D. J. Li, S. O. Kim
       3D Tailored Crumpling of Block-Copolymer Lithography on Chemically Modified Graphene
       Advanced Materials 2016, 28, 1591-1596

14.  J. E. Kim, Joonwon Lim, G. Y. Lee, S. H. Choi, U. N. Maiti, W. J. Lee, H. J. Lee, S. O. Kim
       Subnanometer Cobalt-Hydroxide-Anchored N-Doped Carbon Nanotube Forest for Bifunctional Oxygen Catalyst
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, 1571-1577

13.  Joonwon Lim, U. N. Maiti, N.-Y. Kim, R. Narayan, W. J. Lee, D. S. Choi, Y. Oh, J. M. Lee, G. Y. Lee, S. H. Kang, H. Kim, Y. -H. Kim*,
       S. O. Kim*
       Dopant-specific unzipping of carbon nanotubes for intact crystalline graphene nanostructures
      Nature Communications 2016, 8, 1571-1577

12.  U. N. Maiti, R. Thapa, Joonwon Lim, D. J. Li, K. H. Kim, S. O. Kim
       Self-Size-Limiting Nanoscale Perforation of Graphene for Dense Heteroatom Doping
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015, 7, 25898-25905

11.  Y. Oh†, V.-D. Le†, U. N. Maiti, J. O. Hwang, W. J. Park, Joonwon Lim, K. E. Lee, Y.-S. Bae, Y.-H. Kim*, S. O. Kim*
       Selective and Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Capture by Highly Polarizing Porous Carbon Nitride
       ACS Nano 2015, 9, 9148-91

10.  J. M. Lee, Joonwon Lim, N. Lee, H. I. Park, K. E. Lee, T. Jeon, S. A. Nam, J. Kim, J. Shin and S. O. Kim
       Synergistic Concurrent Enhancement of Charge Generation, Dissociation, and Transport in Organic Solar Cells with Plasmonic             Metal-Carbon Nanotube Hybrids
       Advanced Materials 2015, 27, 1519-1525

  9.  K. E. Lee, J. E. Kim, U. N. Maiti, Joonwon Lim, J. O. Hwang, J. Shim, J. J. Oh, T. Yun, S. O. Kim
       Liquid Crystal Size Selection of Large-Size Graphene Oxide for Size-Dependent N-Doping and Oxygen Reduction Catalysis
       ACS Nano 2014, 8, 9073-9080

  8.  W. J. Lee, D. S. Choi, S. H. Lee, Joonwon Lim, J. E. Kim, D. J. Li, G. Y. Lee, S. O. Kim
       Electroless Bimetal Decoration on N-Doped Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts
       Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 2014, 31, 965-970

  7.  D. J. Li, U. N. Maiti, Joonwon Lim, D. S. Choi, W. J. Lee, Y. Oh, G. Y. Lee, S. O. Kim
       Molybdenum Sulfide/N-Doped CNT Forest Hybrid Catalysts for High-Performance Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
       Nano Letters 2014, 14, 1228-1233

  6.  W. J. Lee, U. N. Maiti, J. M. Lee, Joonwon Lim, T. H. Han, S. O. Kim
       N-doped graphitic self-encapsulation for high performance silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries
       Energy & Environmental Science 2014, 7, 621-626

  5.  U. N. Maiti, Joonwon Lim, K. E. Lee, W. J. Lee, S. O. Kim
       Three-Dimensional Shape Engineered, Interfacial Gelation of Reduced Graphene Oxide for High Rate, Large Capacity
       Advanced Materials 2014, 26, 615-619

  4.  W. J. Lee, U. N. Maiti, J. M. Lee, Joonwon Lim, T. H. Han*, S. O. Kim*
       Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes and graphene composite structures for energy and catalytic applications
       Chemical Communications 2014, 50, 6818-6830

  3.  A. U. Haq, Joonwon Lim, J. M. Yun, W. J. Lee, T. H. Han*, S. O. Kim*
       Direct Growth of Polyaniline Chains from N-Doped Sites of Carbon Nanotubes
       Small 2013, 9, 3829-3833

  2.  H. E. Lim, N. Y. Song, J. H. Ryu, Joonwon Lim, B. T. Son, Y. S. Lee, J. Jang, K. C. Park
       Electron emission properties of CNT arrays grown with micro-molding in capillary (MIMIC) assisted process
       Vacuum 2009, 84, 526-529

  1.  Y. S. Lee, J. H. Ryu, H. E. Lim, Joonwon Lim, B. T. Son, J. U. Kim, J. Jang, K. C. Park
       X-ray image resolution of carbon nanotube emitters grown with resist-assisted patterning process
       Vacuum 2009, 84, 523-525

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