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Conference Proceeding

16.   Dopant-specific unzipping of carbon nanotube for intact crystalline graphene-carbon nanotube complex”

         Materials Research Society (MRS) 2017 spring, Phoenix, USA, 2017.04.18.

15.   Three-dimensional shape-engineered, interfacial gelation of reduced graphene oxide for high performance supercapacitors” 

        The World Conference on Carbon 2014, Jeju, Korea, 2014.07.01.

14.   Direct growth of polyaniline chains from nitrogen site of N-doped carbon nanotubes for high performance supercapacitor”

        CIMTEC (International Conferences Materials and Technologies) 2014: 6th Forum on New Materials, Montecatini Terme, Italy,


13.   Direct growth of polyaniline chains from nitrogen site of vertically aligned N-doped CNTs”

        AsiaNANO 2014. Jeju, Korea, 2014.10.26.-29.

12.   N-doped CNT/TiO2 core-shell nano-hybrid structure via biomineralization for visible light photocatalysis”

        Materials Research Society (MRS) 2013 spring, San Francisco, USA, 2013.04.04.

11.   Mechanically Flexible Macroporous Carbon Films for Lithium Battery Anodes”

        16th IIMLB (International Meeting on Lithium Batteries, Jeju, Korea, 2012.06.19.

10.   3D Macro-Porous Reduced Graphene Oxide Architecturing via Self Assembly for Supercapacitors”

        2nd ENGE 2012 (International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment)

        Jeju, Korea, 2012.09.16.-19.

9.   Invited Presentation: “Dopant-Specific Unzipping of Carbon Nanotubes” 나노튜브연구회, 무주, 대한민국, 2017.02.03.

8.   A straightforward route for carbon-based mineral nanoscomposites via biomimetic mineralization of N-doped CNTs”

      나노튜브연구회, 정선, 대한민국, 2013.01.06-08.

7.   Transferrable carbon hybrid conducting films composed of vertical carbon nanotubes grown on graphene films”

      나노튜브연구회, 평창, 대한민국, 2012.01.08-10.

6.   “Direct growth of polyaniline chains from nitrogen site of vertically aligned N-doped CNTs for high performance supercapacitor”

      춘계 한국고분자학회, 대전, 대한민국, 2014.04.11.

5.   Biomimetic Mineralization of Vertically Aligned N-doped CNTs Arrays” 춘계 한국고분자학회, 대전, 대한민국, 2013.04.11-12.

4.   “Three-Dimensional Macroporous Graphene Architecturing via Self-Assmbly”

       2012 춘계 한국고분자학회 대전, 대한민국, 2012.04.12-13.

3.   “Three-dimensional, porous reduced graphene oxide hydrogel via unique interfacial gelation principle”

      반도체학술대회, 정선, 대한민국, 2016.02.22-23.

2.   Composite of Polyaniline-CNT Induced by Nitrogen from Nitrogen doped CNT”

      2013 한국금속재료학회 (ENGE), 광주, 대한민국, 2013.10.25.

1.   “Growth of CNTs on metal substrate for X-ray sources” 한국물리학회, 광주, 대한민국, 2008.10.23.

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